Business owners wishing to realize the value they have built up in their companies or looking to divest a division, look to Stamford Capital on a confidential basis to create value by finding a buyer who views the potential purchase as strategic and valuable. We assist throughout the entire process, including the valuation stage of the business or division.

It also includes the preparation with the Client of a marketing driven Confidential Information Memorandum which is the marketing document of the company. This may include adjusted and restated financial information to show value, such as non recurring expenses, which were included in the audited financial statements.

The process includes the following:

  • Valuation of the company or division providing a best estimate of what a potential investor will pay. This valuation is based on the company’s products, technologies, positioning in industry and on historical and forward looking financial information.
  • In consultation with the seller the preparation of the marketing driven Confidential Information Memorandum for qualified buyers. Included is a summary of the company, its technology and products, organization, competitive position and historical and forward looking financial information.
  • Formation of a marketing plan for the company or division and summary marketing information.
  • Research of industry sector and identification of potential buyers both strategic and financial.
  • Contact potential purchasers on a confidential basis and evaluate their interest and provide continuous feedback to the client.
  • Work with client and provide support along with legal and accounting advisors to ensure that the seller’s interests are fully represented during and after the closing of the transaction.